About Us



Dainty Leaf provides exceptional artisan crafted porch swings that are fully customizable.  We provide a one stop shop you won't find anywhere else. We will source the ropes, hanging hardware, fabric options, and installation. We will ensure your experience with Dainty Leaf and the craftsmanship of your porch swing is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also locally source everything we can to help our local economy.



My wife and I purchased a Charleston single style home a while back and I wanted a porch swing on our second floor porch. We started looking online and we're shocked to see how much porch swings cost. There was no way I was going to spend 3K on a porch swing. We looked at a few styles of swings, and started building a twin XL swing without any plans. The porch swing came out amazingly perfect and realized we had a great skill. We had multiple neighbors ask if we would make them a porch swing.  At this point, my wife and I realized there is a market for great quality porch swings at a reasonable price. So Dainty Leaf was born and we work together as husband and wife dynamic duo team!

Norm, Rachel, Lennon & Tuck