Porch Swing Details

  • Mortise and tenon joinery to create a very secure and strong bond that is not visible. certain styles.
  • Types of wood used: Exotic hardwood Sapele from Africa, IPE from South America, ( all sustainable forest practices) and Premium Yellow Pine.
  • Our swing frames are either actual 2X4's or 2x6 pine with 8-6 inch construction lag screws which make Dainty Leaf porch swings extremely durable.
  • Posts are either 2X2 or 4x4 premium yellow pine or Douglas Fur.
  • Sapele wood ( ION porch swing only) actual 2X4 for the frame and actual 2x2 for the arm and back supports.
  • Back & arm supports for Charleston Single swing are 1X6 yellow pine. 
  • Back & arm supports for the Park Circle swing are  2x4 premium studs.
  • Arm railing is oak for a great wood grain finish either painted or stained.
  • Ropes are 1 inch pro-manila whipped at each end to prevent fraying. This is a synthetic fiber to reduce wear and tear especially in our salty humid climate. 
  • Hanging hardware: 7/16-inch eye bolts that individually have a 320 lb load capacity. Total load capacity is 1280 lbs.
  • Estimated weight of swing: 90-130 lbs. 

Dimensions of swings:

  • Mattresses will fit internal dimensions. Crib - 52x28, Small single - 75x30, Twin - 75x38, Twin XL - 80x38.
  • External dimensions of swing: add 5 inches to width and length.

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